PAST EVENT | CSRD: How to set up your Reporting on your Sustainability Strategy

CSRD: How To Set Up Your Reporting On Your Sustainability Strategy

The CSRD is a regulation that amended the existing Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). It aims to improve and expand the disclosure of non-financial and sustainability information by companies. Compared to the NFRD directive, the CSRD goes further: it aims to strengthen existing regulations, harmonize reporting across Europe, and simplify the reporting process. The goal is to provide an approach that meets the information needs of all stakeholders, including investors, civil society, etc., and ensures the reliability and comparability of the information provided.

Beyond performance monitoring, the CSRD represents a fundamental transformation of the reporting process, moving from a simple declaration of sustainability to a demonstration of sustainability performance. Overall, the CSRD aims to improve transparency and comparability of sustainability information, enabling stakeholders to better evaluate a company’s ESG performance and increasing the focus on sustainable business practices.

But which are the companies affected? And what are their deadlines? What are the standards and frameworks to follow? And how do we even start?

kShuttle & ROI-EFESO merged their efforts to answer these questions and more, and put their expertise to the public’s disposition for this informative webinar. Revisit our session held on the 22nd of June to enrich your knowledge on the topic, where our speakers presented:


  • Presentation of kShuttle & ROI-EFESO (1:16)
  • European Context, CSRD, And Roadmap (4:49)
  • CSR Insight product demo (21:30)
  • kShuttle & ROI-EFESO joint approach (44:53)
  • Where: Livestorm
  • When: 22nd of June, 2023

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