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Landscape with lake and small spiaggetta lawn of the Trentino Al
Published on 5/06/2024
ESG Reporting: the final version of the ESRS datapoints is finally out!
Discover EFRAG's new guidance on ESRS datapoints for ESG reporting. Hyperlinks, conditional datapoints and more!
Toward Double Materiality
Published on 13/12/2023
The end all, be all on double materiality, based on EFRAG’s guidelines
Master double materiality with EFRAG's guidelines for CSRD compliance. Simplify reporting, identify impacts & opportunities, and enhance your ESG journey.
CSRD Infographic
Published on 6/12/2023
CSRD Infographic
Get to know the CSRD requirements with our infographic. All the essentials of this EU regulation, easily accessible for you.
cop28 uae
Published on 27/11/2023
COP 28: Dates, challenges, and stances
Explore the key challenges at COP 28, from climate action progress to the future of fossil fuels. Join the discussion on global leadership in climate...
ESRS article cover photo
Published on 10/09/2023
Updates on ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards)
Learn about the latest ESRS updates in June 2023 and their impact on sustainability reporting for businesses.
The optimal “Green” balance combines several facets
Published on 22/04/2023
The optimal "Green" balance combines several facets
Unlock the benefits of EU taxonomy compliance for sustainability with ROI-EFESO and kShuttle's expertise and technology.
Performance compatible
Published on 23/03/2023
Financial performance VS CSR commitments
CSR commitment enhances both financial and non-financial performance: ISO 26000 standard leads the way in this journey.
CSRD what impact on buisinesses
Published on 20/02/2023
CSRD: What impact on businesses?
Discover the impact of CSRD on businesses: sustainability reporting, double materiality, and ESRS. Are you ready for the changes?
Green taxonomy
Published on 2/02/2023
Green taxonomy: Challenges and opportunities in an uncertain regulatory framework
The European green taxonomy provides strategic opportunities for businesses.
Démarche RSE
Published on 18/06/2021
Implementing a CSR approach: Standards and Frameworks, how to choose them correctly
Choosing the right CSR framework is vital for corporate sustainability. Explore sector-specific standards and engage stakeholders.

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